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Ablution Block Solutions  

  1. Hygiene and Sanitation: Ablution blocks provide a dedicated space for maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation, particularly in areas where access to clean water and proper facilities is limited. With features such as toilets, sinks, and showers, ablution blocks help prevent the spread of diseases and promote good health among users.

  2. Convenience: Ablution blocks offer a centralized location for essential sanitary facilities, making them convenient for users, whether they are at events, construction sites, game farms, holiday camps, or outdoor recreational areas. This centralized setup saves time and effort compared to dispersed or makeshift sanitation arrangements.

  3. Privacy and Dignity: Ablution blocks provide users with a private and dignified space to attend to their personal hygiene needs. This is particularly important in settings where individuals may feel vulnerable or exposed, such as relocation camps or temporary sites. Having dedicated facilities enhances users' sense of dignity and respect.

  4. Accessibility: Ablution blocks are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, including those with disabilities or mobility challenges. Features such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and spacious layouts ensure that everyone can use the facilities safely.

  5. Environmental Sustainability: Many modern ablution blocks are designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating water-saving technologies and renewable solar energy sources. By minimizing water usage, reducing waste, and lowering energy consumption, ablution blocks can be connect to digesters or council sewerage infrastructure. The toilet pans will need council pressure for the cisterns to function. 



Steel Container 2440mm x 6060mm

Design and customize your ablution facility to suite your on site requirements. The 6 meter container is a great option to secure your ablution and make sure you are offering an hygienic and safe solution to your team wherever they may be, 

Note: Make sure the ground is level and above the water line to avoid discomfort later on in the project. Make sure the site is accessible for the trucks to load and unload. You will need to connect the sewer line to a digester or french drain and you will require council pressure to make sure the toilet cisterns can function correctly.


 Please check with your engineer and plumbing teams so we can make sure this solution will be easy to service and manage. 

Versatile Ablutions 

Once the project specifications are clear, we can optimize the space available and ensure the ablutions are cost effective and functional. 

From short term to long term projects these sanitation solutions offer great benefits to Project Managers and companies on the move. 

We offer sanitation solutions to our customers in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.  Connect with us to explore portable sanitation solutions. 

Customise Your Ablution Facility

We use roto moulded sanitary ware to ensure a durable environment with high impact strength. Ideal for construction and mining sites reducing maintenance and services. Easy to transport and relocate to the next project. 

Flat-Pack Timber & Plastic Ablutions 

When you need to relocate and flexibility is important then this budget option can add value to your site establishment or temporary project. Easy to build and light weight this sewer connect option will require water mains pressure and a connection to a digester or council sewer. 

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