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Sanitation For Africa

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Warehouse Buffalo PP:      No 5 Potgieter St, Rosslyn, Pretoria 
Google Maps: Click Here

Warehouse NPS HT:          No 14 Hyser St, Heriotdale, Johannesburg
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Admin, Exports & Chemicals: No 74 Broadacres St, Fourways

Partner Depo's in: Windhoek & Gaborone


  • Standard production time is 4-10 working days (We do keep stock of the best sellers)

  • All products have a 6-month carry-in warranty

  • Allow one week plus, for over the border logistics

  • Portable Toilets Supply

  • Chemical Sachets Supply

Logistics & Exports

  • We are registered exporters

  • We specialize in Exports to Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe

  • Using Our Professional Logistics Partners 

  • All our prices are Ex-works

  • Zero Vat Invoices / when we manage the logistics inhouse. You pay taxes on your side. Ask our team to assist you 

Orders & Accounts

  • The order process: You request & specify - we quote - accounts approve payment - collections note sent - you collect

  • All accounts are payable on order EFT - no cash/payments accepted at the warehouse

  • Prices exclude delivery (ExWorks)

  • Terms & Conditions Of Sales


  • Warehouse collection in Rosslyn, Pretoria & Germiston

  • Monday to Thursday: 8am - 4pm

  • Friday 8am - 1pm

  • Weekends closed

  • All chemicals are couriered 

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Blog 2024. 
Portable Sanitation is adding value to communities: 

In the heart of Africa, where communities thrive amidst unique challenges, the significance of portable sanitation cannot be overstated. Access to proper sanitation is not just a basic necessity; it's a cornerstone for human dignity and community well-being.

In many regions, traditional sanitation infrastructure remains a distant dream, making portable sanitation solutions pivotal.

Portable sanitation products and services play a transformative role in bringing dignity to communities across Africa. These solutions provide a hygienic alternative, addressing the critical issue of inadequate sanitation facilities. In areas where conventional infrastructure is scarce, portable toilets become essential in preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring a clean environment.

Beyond health benefits, portable sanitation contributes to economic development. By facilitating outdoor events, construction sites, and public gatherings, these services support various industries. Furthermore, by integrating sustainable and eco-friendly practices, portable sanitation fosters environmental consciousness, aligning with Africa's commitment to water conservation.

The journey towards community upliftment and improved hygiene begins with recognizing the pivotal role portable sanitation plays. As we advocate for dignified living conditions and promote hygienic practices, investing in portable sanitation emerges as a powerful means to transform the narrative and foster sustainable development throughout the diverse landscapes of Africa.

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